Projects RenoMark

RenoMark is a national program helping homeowners connect with reputable professional renovation companies. It establishes standards that uphold quality of service and ensures that members abide by the RenoMark Code of Conduct.

The new national site, featuring an elaborate parallax experience, was architected by Moveable Online and designed by Craib Design & Communications. Moveable Online worked with stakeholders from BILD to model an educational step-by-step walkthrough of how to engage RenoMark members.

The site includes a chapter-based RenoGuide reimagined for the web, with social media sharing, YouTube integration and a gateway to local member sites through an interactive map.

In addition to developing the RenoMark national website, Moveable Online and Craib Design & Communications collaborated on developing RenoMark’s 34 local member sites. The national site and each of the local member sites are all managed via a single deployment of Moveable Online’s Advantage CMS content management system.

The Advantage CMS workflow engine and multi-site manager enable each local member site to be updated by regional administrators who have restricted access to content based on permissions granted by RenoMark’s ‘super-administrator’. Each of the local member sites features its own:

  • Site map
  • News and events, with full social media integration
  • Sponsors
  • Awards
  • Local ‘Find a RenoMark Renovator’

For Toronto’s ‘Find a RenoMark Renovator’ feature, Moveable Online integrated the website with Microsoft CRM Dynamics. The integration allows all RenoMark member data for the GTA to be managed through the third-party CRM system and updated in real time on the Toronto site.

For the Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Association, the ‘Find a RenoMark Renovator’ feature includes a secure area of the site allowing editing of the renovator’s listing. This feature was customized specifically to meet a requirement of the Greater Vancouver Area.