Projects Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital. The previous Holland Bloorview website contained a large amount of content, which was managed by different departments in the hospital who would compete for real estate on the homepage.

Moveable Online worked with Holland Bloorview stakeholders to reimagine their information architecture and site navigation to deliver:

  • Four separate responsive websites with shared navigation, new information architecture and a consistent look and feel
  • A customized deployment of Advantage CMS 5.0 with unique modules tailored for Holland Bloorview’s content authoring processes
  • AODA accessibility compliance with tools such as contrast controls, text size chooser and keyboard shortcuts for navigation

As a result, Holland Bloorview’s web presence has been modernized and is consistently presented, with better separation of content through improved information architecture and navigation.

Administrators can more efficiently manage their web content, as well as preserve the integrity of the site’s original design.