Advantage WebCell enables wireless telcos to drive down the cost of corporate account management through self-service efficiency and order automation.

Advantage WebCell is managed by a comprehensive set of tools controlling every aspect of the corporate purchasing system and including workflow processes to ensure that orders are managed accurately and within service timelines.

Advantage WebCell is a full-featured system that has been continuously enhanced since 1999. In 2002, it became the backbone of managing online corporate ordering for Bell and BWireless, Telus’s largest corporate fulfillment partner in Canada. Moveable Online also developed a completely customized corporate ordering solution for Rogers in 2001.

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The price matrix manager is a major component of the administration system. It governs every price that is offered to each of your clients based on the structure of each deal negotiated. It is a real-time price calculator that instantaneously updates pricing as hardware and accessory prices change.

The plan manager organizes plan information. It enables the creation and modification of the structure of each service plan, including all rates, features and descriptions.

The feature manager governs feature details, and includes controls to ensure that bundled features cannot be ordered separately when a bundle is selected.

The company manager oversees which plans, features, hardware and accessories are available to each client. It controls the corporate account hierarchy and each user who has system access. Approval controls are included to govern which users are allowed to complete orders and, if they aren’t, which management users must give approval.