Advantage CMS On-Premise

  • Customers will have access to their source code as well as:
    – Access to HTML (front-end code) and content
    – Ability to build modules and tools
    – Ability to perform integration
  • Customers will not be able to modify the admin source code

Pricing (one-TIME)

  • Single Site: $9,500 (per server)
  • Multisite: $17,500 (per server) - includes 10 domains

Each subsequent domain - $1,999 per 

Maintenance Contracts

Level 1

  • $200 per month ($2,400 per year)
  • Includes up to 20 Level 1 Help Desk incidents per year, at a maximum of one hour per incident

Level 2

  • $600 / month ($7,200/year)
  • Unlimited  Help Desk
  • Includes up to 15 Level 2 Help Desk incidents involving engineering or development support, at a maximum of two hours per incident

Platform Upgrades (OPTIONAL)

  • Starting at 20% of your year one license, per annual upgrade
  • Major feature improvements and additions

Advantage CMS in the Cloud

  • Customers will have full access to their content and can request their HTML designs, but will not be able to build on top of the Advantage CMS framework without the assistance of Moveable Online
  • Integration services are available only through Moveable Online
  • Hosting is provided in Moveable Online’s shared environment
  • Includes 20 Help Desk incidents per year, at a maximum of one hour per incident


  • Single Site: $1,100 per month*
  • Multisite: $1,350 per month* - includes 10 domains

Each subsequent domain - $150 per month  


Platform Upgrades

  • Platform upgrades included

*Buyout options available upon request