Dashboard & Recent Activity Dashboard


The Advantage CMS Dashboard gives administrators one-click access to all of their site tools in an icon-driven menu.

A searchable Recent Activity feed aggregates all changes to content within the CMS with a date and time stamp and also shows which user made the change, providing an audit trail for CMS administrators.

Site ManagerAdvantage CMS Site Manager

Site Manager

The Advantage CMS Site Manager features a simple-to-use navigation tree that allows you to drag and drop pages to rearrange them around the site.

The Site Manager also features an on-page asset manager that lets you resize images without compromising image quality. And for the HTML-savvy, there is an Edit Code option built in to all text editors.

Role-Based User Manager & WorkflowAdvantage CMS Role based user manager and workflow

Role-Based User Manager & Workflow

Advantage CMS features a role-based user manager with which you add, edit or remove information for all system users, including access to certain CMS tools and features, using an intuitive checkbox grid.

Advantage CMS also includes an extensible workflow that enables the site’s “super administrator” to identify subordinate administrators, who are given restricted access. The workflow system can be customized to fit any organization’s structure or processes.

Content Managerdrag and drop widegets

Content Editor


Advantage CMS's content manager allows you to easily edit a page without any technical know-how. Using our 'what you see is what you get' editor, building a web page is as easy as dragging and dropping what you need where you need it. Our WYSIWYG editor allows you write, edit and format text and images like you would in Microsoft Word, while also including unique features like our Snippet Editor to quickly include often used content.

With our preview feature, you'll always be able to see what your page would look like live, allowing you to easily iteratively improve. Advantage CMS also provides a secure option to share the unpublished page to easily get feedback from colleagues without them having to log-in.

Multisite ManagementAdvantage CMS multi site management

MultiSite Management

Advantage CMS allows you to manage multiple website front-ends from one common back-end. This allows for centralized content management, whereby a website content administrator can manage multiple site maps by logging into one CMS. In addition to deploying extranets and intranets, multi-site management allows an organization to have region-specific subsites. Each site can have a different look and feel, navigation, URL and content, yet be managed from the same administrative console.

Mobile Advantage CMS mobile


Advantage CMS takes the effort out of managing a mobile website. Once content is entered in Advantage CMS, it is automatically optimized for viewing on every device. Depending on the project, we may recommend utilizing responsive or adaptive design, or if the design calls for it, a unique mobile interface that will ensure optimal usability of your site.

Find out more about our mobile website development.

Flexible Responsive Gridflexible responsive grid

Flexible Responsive Grid

The Advantage CMS flexible responsive grid gives administrators full control over their page layouts and allows for the complete customization of templates. Leveraging the grid system makes it possible to flow neatly within responsive and adaptive layouts, creating a more fluid front-end experience.

Advantage CMS modules can also adopt different styles in response to changes in their size and placement. Whether sized at 25%, 33%, 50% or larger, modules can be dragged and dropped into different zones on each page, where they will appear in a display of buttons colours and texts sizes that are optimal for their position.


Layout ManagerAdvantage CMS layout manager

Layout Manager

Building and arranging web-pages is simple with Advantage CMS. Our layout manager is intuitive, allowing you to easily structure the page to your specifications without any technical knowhow. Using our flexible grid system and drag-and-drop editor, you'll be able to easily go from idea to live site in minutes.

Task ManagerTask Manager

Task Manager

The Advantage CMS Task Manager allows administrators to assign tasks to other CMS users, or groups of users, and to include a due date and comments. The Task Manager provides a global notification system that alerts CMS users via e-mail when a new task has been assigned to them.

The Task Manager also includes a listing of all scheduled content to be published or unpublished, which can be filtered to be viewed based on personal scheduled content.

Analytics Advantage CMS Analytics


The tracking and site metrics tools provided by Google Analytics are built into Advantage CMS, giving administrators quick access to the following reports:

  • Visits, visitors and page views with filters
  • Bounce rate and average visit duration
  • Percentage of new visits
  • Most popular site content
  • Visits per country
  • Browser/operating system breakdown

The Google Analytics dashboard works seamlessly whether you are running a single website or multiple websites from Advantage CMS.

Depending on an organization’s Google Analytics configuration, the dashboard can also display data for sites that are not built on Advantage CMS.

Multi-LanguageAdvantage CMS Multi-Language Support


Advantage CMS can be configured to feature a language selection drop-down list on each page, allowing administrators to enter multilingual variations of content for each page.

On the front-end of the website, a language drop-down menu allows pages to be easily viewed in a site visitor’s desired language. 

When administrators log in to the CMS, the content defaults to the language in which they last viewed the front-end.

Scheduled Publishingscheduled publishing

Scheduled Publishing

Scheduled publishing allows administrators to draft and save time-sensitive content in advance, and have it appear on the website only at the designated time. Advantage CMS supports scheduled publishing for modules within the Site Manager, as well as for records in any of the content tools, such as News or Events.

The unpublishing feature allows administrators to set a time to remove the content from the site – a valuable tool when running date-driven campaigns.

Search Engine OptimizationAdvantage CMS search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Advantage CMS search engine optimization

Advantage CMS features a page manager where each page’s specific metadata can be edited, and given a search-engine-friendly URL and unique < title > tag. All images can be tagged with ALT text, and the WYSIWYG editors support the ability to add microdata tags to content sections.

Social Media IntegrationAdvantage CMS social media integration

Social Media Integration

Advantage CMS social media integration

Social media sharing buttons (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and many more) can easily be added to any content page to make it simple for site visitors to share any content throughout the site. The button selection can be configured on a per-page basis, if desired.

Open Graph tags can be edited in the Advantage CMS Site Manager, ensuring that all content shared appears with the appropriate image, title, link and description.

Integrated SupportAdvantage CMS support

Integrated Support

advantage cms integrated support

Advantage CMS is integrated with ZenDesk, an online ticketing and knowledge base service that we use to quickly respond to and resolve client requests.

A simple Support button in the main navigation opens a lightbox form that gives Advantage CMS administrators priority access to Moveable Online‘s support staff.

You won’t have to leave what you’re doing in order to get assistance.