Sitefinity and Teknion: The Results

Teknion Website 2017

We’ve been talking a fair bit about content management systems recently, and how you can use them to transform your business.

In this article, we are taking an in-depth look at some of the results our client Teknion has achieved with the website we built for them on the Sitefinity CMS platform.

The problem

Before we get into specific details about what Sitefinity helped Teknion accomplish, it’s worth recapping some of the problems that they were having.

First, they had a great brand, absolutely packed with brand value, customer trust, and recognition.

But all that value was being wasted online. With dozens of regional sites all sending different messages, the overall communication was cluttered and unfocused.

Second, with some 30,000 pieces of content, it was virtually impossible for sales and marketing staff to find what they needed when they needed it. The result was that most regional teams continued to rely on printed collateral, despite the fact that the printed materials didn’t effectively show off the full range of what Teknion can do.


The solution

sitefinity digital assets

Sitefinity digital asset tools


Which brings us to Sitefinity. Sitefinity is a content management system that we implemented for Teknion to bring some order to their content and their various digital properties. It was chosen because it enables:

  • Easy content management
  • Management of multiple websites from a single interface
  • The CMS to be rebranded to match Teknion’s brand
  • Integration with Teknion’s exiting digital asset manager (DAM), Bynder


The results

So far, there have been two paths of results: improvements to the customer experience, and business transformation results.


Customer experience results

These are the quick wins that Teknion was able to achieve from this transition to a CMS-led website.

For starters, their website management experience was completely transformed.

Gone was the developer-friendly website with its clunky interface and confusing architecture.

In its place was clean, simple interface that was easy to use, easy to navigate, and was responsive, so no matter what device you used, the experience was the same.

Sitefinity web content management

Sitefinity web content management

With this change in place, Teknion saw an immediate improvement in visitor behaviour:

  • Bounce rate for the site was reduced
  • 19% increase in visits
  • 25% increase in unique user visits

So right away, the benefits started to pay off from the site overhaul in very real and measureable ways.


Business transformation results

Sitefinity websites

Sitefinity website

The second major area where Sitefinity helped Teknion was in transforming its business to be user-focused and digital first.

And the results of that transformation are much deeper.

First, the site has been repositioned from just another tool in the toolbox to the heart and soul of the company. It united:

  • Multiple regional websites
  • Multiple sales and marketing functions
  • All sales collateral

Tasks that used to be slow and painful are now fast and easy for both Teknion and its customers.

Second, it’s changed Teknion’s relationship with technology from a developer-focused relationship to a user-focused one. Originally, all changes to the site had to go through a developer. But now, the user has far more control and thus, extracts more functionality.

And finally, it’s made Teknion a more data-driven organization.

Because of the data you can glean from a website, it’s now possible with Sitefinity to track what collateral is doing well and  what isn’t, and then use that to inform future decision making.

This simple accountability means that Teknion can:

  • Achieve marketing efficiencies over time that would never have been possible before
  • Use those data to inform future product development
  • Provide regional teams with exactly what they need for their clients

It’s decision making based on data, not on guesswork.



Overall, the move to a Sitefinity-based website has been a superb success for Teknion. Not only has it improved the user experience (and has the numbers to prove it), but it’s also changed how the organization does business.

Now, with the website at the heart of everything they do, it’s easier to expand brand value and reach customers with the right message at the right time.