Open-Source Security in the Enterprise

Open Source Security

The dream of open source software (OSS) is one that many consider a core tenant of the internet. However, while OSS is used by 78% of enterprises, the issue of security remains a persistent problem – particularly because there are a number of benefits to open source that enterprise organizations might be passing up. Here’s… Read more…

What is Digital Transformation?

digital transformation

Sometimes, you just have to state the obvious: we live in a digital world. More and more, our everyday lives and interactions happen on a screen and online. Got a problem? Before you know it, a digital solution has popped up to solve it. In short, we’re living in an era of digital transformation.

4 Benefits of Building Business Apps on Your CMS

business app cos

Enterprises today are only as good as the software that powers them. But with business applications come a number of costs and challenges: Maintenance – both development and vendor management – is more time-consuming and costly New feature development – can be inefficient if you’re running it internally Siloed data – information can be difficult to share, even in the… Read more…

The Pros and Cons of a Headless CMS

headless CMS

Should You Go ‘Headless’? You might have heard the term ‘headless’ CMS kicking around the development world lately. It’s certainly become popular these days: as users make the switch from looking for content on a single device to juggling multiple devices all day long, companies are looking for a way to deliver their content effectively… Read more…

8 Web Design Tools for New Designers

web designer laptop

When you live and breathe web design and development like we do, it’s easy to forget that everyone has to start somewhere. So we’ve collected eight of our favourite web design tools that can help web designers who are just starting out, small businesses who are looking to build their own site, or just the amateur… Read more…

8 Key Features for Websites in the Education Sector

huron mobile

One of the most challenging types of websites to design and deploy are those of education institutions. Students, prospective students, faculty, administrators, graduates, and alumni all have specific needs. And unlike websites of other big organizations, these user groups have few overlapping needs. Which is why so many educational websites feel behind the curve. Fortunately,… Read more…

Implementing Google Markup on Your Website

IBM search results

This is an update to an earlier version of this article. It has been edited for accuracy and comprehensiveness. By now, you’ve likely seen rich search results popping up in Google for brands and publishers, and you might be wondering how you can get your site to appear in search results like that. In this article,… Read more…

5 Things to Make Users Love Your Website

mobile website

Providing a robust, designed user experience is hard. It’s an iterative process requiring lots of tweaking and detailing, testing and retesting to continually improve. And while not every company has the time/resources to pour into it, these five guidelines can help improve virtually any website.   1. Get rid of drop-down menus Holding a mouse… Read more…